How To Choose A Water Softener

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Installing a water softener will get rid of hard water deposits and make your soap easier to lather. But, how do you know which water softener to buy? And where do you begin after you decide to buy a water softener?

Any well and pump service should be able to test your water for hardness to help you determine which water softener is best for your home. Many times, they will also be able to help you lease or purchase a water softener.

When buying or leasing a water softener, selecting one that is the right size is important. You want to get one that handles the demands of your household, but is not unnecessarily large or inexpensive.

How big of a water softener do I need?

The vast majority of homes use a 32,000 grain water softener. This water softener covers most homes with up to 4 people and up to two baths with showers.

How do I calculate the size of the water softener that my family needs?

If you have a bigger home or more people living in your home, you can calculate the size of the water softener that your family needs by multiplying the number of people in your household by 75 (the average number of gallons used by per person each day) to figure out the total amount of water your household uses daily.

Next multiply this number by the number of grains per gallon (GPG) of hardness minerals in your water to figure out the capacity of whole-house water softener that you need.

The most popular and commonly used type of whole-house water softener is an ion-exchange or “cation exchange” unit.

This type of water softener cycles household water through two tanks: one with special resin beads, and the other filled with brine.

The majority of water softener treatment systems use salt, or sodium chloride to remove calcium or magnesium minerals from your water.

People on a low-salt diet, with high blood pressure or heart disease should not use a salt generated softener system. Instead use a potassium chloride water softening system.

A water softener needs to regenerate periodically to ensure the water stays soft, You can choose from a system that regenerates automatically, on a timer, or manually. An automatic regenerating water softener offers the greatest flexibility and ensures the best use of media inside the tank.

For more information on buying a water softener or to have your water tested in the Canton or surrounding Stark County Ohio areas, contact Adams & Sons Pump Service.

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